REEL Happy



I am up early and before anyone in my house. Enjoying a cup of coffee, okay, maybe two.
A little piece of haven in a quiet house where I reflect, pray and write. Quite often, I choose not to share these deeply personal thoughts …exposing your heart isn’t always easy.
But this entry I would like to share because my heart is bursting with gratitude.

Fall is my favorite time of year! A favorite season filled with vibrant fall foliage, alluring pumpkin scents, and the bite of the crisp air. But now, fall reminds me of change. And just like the seasons, people have the ability to change. I believe with my whole heart that the positive change of recovery should be celebrated with enthusiasm.

October is my brother Kevin’s sobriety anniversary month. Today, October 28th, to be exact. I could talk about how bad his addiction had been. A desperate hopeless one that involved life support and a 17 day coma. But I have done that before and it hurts to relive it. And I imagine conjures up guilt within my brother. We will have none of that on this joyous sober birthday. But I think it is important to know that it was a desperate situation. As my brother lay in the hospital bed, given less that 72 hours to live, that I made a promise to him. A desperate plea in hopes he would continue the fight to live. I promised, that if he kept fighting, I would take my siblings on a charter boat fishing trip. Quite honestly, I didn’t think he was going to make it. But hoped that my prayers and his love of fishing could pull some strings.

When he was well, we did go on that sibling fishing trip. And it was both fun and meaningful. It was a beautiful fall day on Lake Michigan. We were greeted with a sunrise that I still dream about. I stood on the front of the boat admiring the painted sky and I took a memorable photo. I distinctively remember thinking there is something bigger working here. Much bigger. I mean what are the odds? Here we are, my brother had beat the odds, we are on the promised fishing trip, and the scenery was surreal. AND he was finally sober. With goosebumps, I admired the the view. It entailed a vibrant orange sun bursting upon the horizon. The reflections danced with delight upon the rippling water. The captured photo is now part of Dirty Laundry Designs card collection, DL-35. Let Go, Let God. This card holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me that miracles do happen. Sometimes you have to be patient and step back and let your higher power to take charge. And sometimes the reminders just happen to be on the bow of a boat.

Happy 9th sober anniversary to my brother, Kevin. Your sobriety continues to inspire me.
Please remember your recovery has been a wonderful gift, not only to you, but to me as well. At last, we have a wonderful relationship that I so desperately was in search of for many many years. Thank you for investing in yourself and in turn investing in me.