A Celebration of Sobriety From Your ‘Lil Sis


photo-4 I thought of writing this post often. Very often. But until now it was much too painful for me. If you have read our addiction story, you know that it was a desperate one. My brother was placed on life support after a long battle with alcohol. We were given the grim news. He most likely was not going to wake up from the induced coma he had been placed in. I mean why would he? It had been hours which turned into days and finally weeks and yet he still hadn’t woken up. Hopeful, we waited. We began to witness his body shutting down. Distraught we continued to wait. All the while, listening to those annoying beeping machines keeping him alive. It is with lots of prayers and a miracle. That he woke up. 17 days later. And survived. Miraculously, he survived. With a tracheotomy and unable to speak, he pointed to a magnetic alphabet board.    With all of his strength, he tiredly pointed out the following letters…

I  H-A-V-E  B-E-E-N  A-S-L-E-E-P

It is only years later that I realized the power in those letters scribbled on hospital letterhead. Yes, you have been asleep. Your body asleep. Your mind asleep. Exhausted from years of addiction and abuse. When one is in the throws of addiction, you are asleep. It grips every inch of your being. Every waking moment. It consumes your soul. Those tattered scribbled letters form powerful words. And it is easy to parallel them to the spiritual awakening one discovers within recovery.  I am so glad you woke up. Your body and spirit. Your recovery is a joy to witness. Happy Sober Birthday “K.K.”   Eight looks great on you! Love, Your sis