Chase Your Recovery

Like you chased your addiction!    

The premise of this card was based on me being PROUD!  Once my brothers committed themselves to recovery, it was and still is such a joy, to watch as they invest themselves into their recovery.  Faithfully attending meetings, working the steps, continually doing service work, and helping others in need.  It makes me smile and my heart leap with gratitude on just how far they have come.  When they first became sober—this was the type of card I was looking for and the words I so longed to say.

How we took the shot:

Let’s just say–we had to chase the photo too!  How do you create a photo of a balloon  floating in the breeze without losing the balloon?  Fishing line of course!  On a very windy day, John ran with the balloon tied to a fishing line as Colleen shot from the ground level of a nature trail.  Timing the wind and sunlight wasn’t easy but we finally captured it.

Featured Card: DL-11 Balloon