We chose to use my brother’s inspirational notes and doodle page from the inside of his Big Book.  His neat penmanship and meaningful handwritten quotes were more than just that and to us portrayed his journey in recovery.  So that is what we chose to have inside the bottle.  We knew of the perfect spot for the photo which even included a lighthouse.  Lighthouses signify a powerful light and provide guidance.  How appropriate!

How we took the shot:

Equipped with a vintage flea market green bottle, journal entry and a very angry sea, John and I set out to capture the “Carry THIS message” image.  Climbing the rocks in Point Judith, Rhode Island we watched in awe as the waves came crashing against the rocks.   We wondered how we could possibly capture the shot without losing the bottle or damaging the camera. Perched on the rocks, John waited patiently and timed the crashing waves.  All the while, Colleen was the spotter and yelled a “big wave is coming!”  It took several unsuccessful shots where the photos only displayed ocean foam and a buried bottle!  But incredibly, John managed to capture the perfect shot, grab the bottle, and high-tailed it out of there without getting wet!

Featured Card: DL21-Message