With the key of willingness, worries and fears are powerfully transformed into serenity. Willingness IS the key to recovery–this is true.  But willingness is also key in other aspects of our lives.  For instance, it took willingness and A LOT of patience in capturing this card image.  A heavy antique doorknob suspended by fishing line, in the middle of a picturesque path, is not an easy object to photograph.  Especially when it is windy!  We took turns holding the fishing line and “timing” the shot.  After several failed attempts, we became frustrated and wanted to give up.  After reminding ourselves of the premise of the card, we willingly gave it one last shot.  So glad we did!

Featured Card- DL22- Key


Life’s a dance…when you take the steps!  

Actually we hiked a nature trail to shoot the photo for this card!  When I think of this saying, I almost always think about a child’s innocence and their free spirit in their dancing.  The fun, silliness and joy they express as they work their “moves.”  There is something to be said about the way a child doesn’t strategically place their feet and plan their dance but rather feels the thump of the music and follows their heart.

Please take note, that they rarely give up and just keep on stepping.  My wish for those in recovery…just keep moving forward.  Continue to work the steps and dance your way to happy destiny!

How we took the shot….

Picking a local spot in nature, timing Mother Nature’s light, we set out with one of our favorite “little” friends.  We had asked her to dress herself and wear whatever she wanted.  The more wild the better.  Her face lit up with excitement.  Anything?  Yes, anything!

It was a humid 90 degree mosquito swarmed day.  Although miserable, we were determined to capture the shot.  We all were eaten alive with mosquito bites and sweating like pigs but in the end we love the image. Love her spirit, her outfit and her dance moves and they continually make many smile.  So worth it.

Featured Card: DL-13 Dance