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Life Lessons Learned From Our Dog

We learn lessons from our dogs…daily.  I admire our dog Roxy’s enthusiasm and excitement in everything she does.  But her fearless love of water is apparent in her bright eyed smiley face, ferocious tail wagging, and in her prancin’ and splashin’ in puddles, lakes and oceans.  So it got us thinking.  Roxy really does have the right idea. As she leaps off the pier she proves to us that she allows her faith to be BIGGER than her fear.  And is rewarded with pure joy.  You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump.  How will you ever know how far you’ll go, if you don’t take the leap? Joy just may be waiting….

How we took the shot…..

With Fall quickly approaching, we had limited time to capture Roxy leaping off the pier. Even still, we only had one chance to get the shot while she remained dry.  Our dog is nuts when it comes to water and this isn’t an easy feat!  Working as a team—-the buoy was thrown, we held our breaths and captured the shot on the first frame!

*Featured Card Shown DL-29 Leap